Pro features: nested boards and Slack integration

We just introduced two new features available now in the premium plans:

Nested boards

You can now organize your boards more precisely by adding a level of hierarchy inside your boards. Need to sort bookmarks inside a board by UI elements (Header, Thumbnails, Checkout,..)? It's now easy to do by creating nested board for each type.

Slack integration

If you are a Slack user, you can receive notifications from your collaborative boards in a Slack channel: when something new is added, when someone leaves a comment, or when a collaborator joins a board.

Read more about these new features Here

Referral program

We introduced a referral program. Check it out here 

Share your referral link to your friends and colleagues, and if 5 of them sign up on Hypershoot, you will receive a discount code offering you 3 free months on our freelance plan.

Go and share it!

Update on the web app

We pushed some updates on various components:

- a bug preventing you to add tags starting with the same words has been fixed on the app and the extension

- improved screenshot rendering. The screenshots on long pages with lots of effects should be more accurate on most cases now, and behance pages are now correctly captured


Freelance plan

In addition to the two premium plans for teams, we just launched a simpler plan for freelancers who don't need collaborative features.

With it you can get rid of our brand news ads and create unlimited boards.

Learn more here

Web app fixes

Some minor css glitches has been fixed on the app, such as truncated results on the autocomplete search box and various other fixes to make Hypershoot even better looking.

We also did some backend optimizations on user profiles. It should now be slightly faster and reliable.

Browser extension fixes

We fixed two issues in the extension:

- There was a small glitch on the star rating's rollover causing a unwanted change of height of the block.

- If you had a board with a long name, it was displayed on multiple lines. This is now truncated so your boards listing looks nice no matter how long you like to name your boards.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Hypershoot will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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